4 Cost-Efficient Ways to Maintain Your Car
Car maintenance


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Cars require regular upkeep if you want them to continue running smoothly. It might seem like a hassle to do everything they require, but it’s actually much more cost-efficient to go ahead and take care of their routine maintenance than it is to put it off and address the problems that come later.

At DC Clear Auto Bra, we are always looking for ways to save you money. Give us a call or stop by our shop when you want to protect your vehicle’s paint job with industry-leading XPEL paint protection films. Our technicians are highly skilled and certified, and our prices are competitive. To help you save even more, here are some of the least expensive ways you can maintain your vehicle yourself to save money and put off costly repairs as long as possible.

Inexpensive Car Maintenance

Car owners can perform most of these steps themselves to save money. Others, like tire rotation, might require a professional. Whether you DIY it or take your car to a shop, these preventive maintenance measures are more than worth the cost.

Change the Air Filter

If you drive a late-model car, it probably has two separate air filters: one for the cabin and one for the engine. The cabin air filter keeps dust and other pollutants out of your breathable air. While changing your cabin air filter won’t make a huge difference in your car’s performance, it will definitely make your drives more pleasant and even improve your acceleration. You can change your own air filter for about $10.

Replace the Windshield Wipers

If your wipers are starting to leave streaks behind or just aren’t wiping as effectively as before, it’s time for a change. Good windshield wipers can keep you safe in rainy weather conditions, and it’s never a good idea to drive around with a windshield that’s obscured by dirt or debris. There is usually a range of price points to choose from, but you can expect to change your own windshield wipers for about $10 – $20.


Change the Oil Regularly

One of the most important parts of vehicle upkeep, regular oil changes will prolong the life of your engine, improve your fuel efficiency, and increase the resale value of your well-maintained car. Professional oil changes can get pretty expensive, especially if you’re strict about getting them done as frequently as the shop recommends. You can do it yourself for about $20 a change.

Keep an Eye on Your Tires

Your tires take a beating as your car goes over the road. After a while, they can get low air pressure, bald tread, or misalignment. This can decrease your car’s fuel efficiency, cause uneven wear on your tires, or leave you vulnerable to skids and blowouts. Fortunately, it costs nothing to keep an eye on the depth of your tires’ tread, and the cost to fill them with air is negligible or even free if you have an air pump. Most tire shops will rotate your tires for $25 and up. If you’re purchasing a new tire, the shop might offer free rotation.

DC Clear Auto Bra: Your Money-Saving DC Car Experts

At DC Clear Auto Bra, we specialize in paint protection films to preserve paint finishes of all kinds. We use XPEL films and ceramic clear coats to give your car the unique appearance you want it to have. Minimize your washing and waxing with our protective products from XPEL. For more information, give us a call or come by our shop any time. We hope to see you soon!