4 Ways to Make Your Car Look Cooler
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Do you want to make your car look cooler? Are you tired of the way it looks already? Or, are you tired of the other car enthusiasts bragging about their new hot wheels? Whatever the case may be, enhancing the appearance of your car is what our experts are known for at DC Clear Auto Bra. We can provide a fresh paint job correction or tint your windows to elude mystery and grab people’s attention. Let us know what your detailing desires are, and we have you covered. In the meantime, take a look at the 4 ways you can make your car look cooler and envied by other car enthusiasts.

Get Your Vehicle Washed and Detailed Inside and Out

We aren’t talking about going to a regular car wash and having the machines wash off the top layer of dirt. We mean a full-scale detail from top to bottom.

Exterior Car Cleaning

When you get your car washed and dried, it is done completely by hand with specialized products. Paint claying is done to remove any contaminants or overspray left after the car has been washed. You can also get your car polished, sealed, and waxed.

Interior Car Cleaning

When you get your car detailed, every little area is covered. The seats, carpet, headliner, rear cargo area, etc. are vacuumed and scrubbed to remove debris and stains. It can also include steam and glass cleaning, as well as leather trimming and perfuming.

Wax Your Car

Waxing your car is an extra step of the detailing process, and we highly recommend it to make your car look cooler. A nice wax makes your car shiny and helps remove small scratches and swirl marks. Additionally, it protects your car from elemental damage such as fading and rust.

Paint Correction

No matter how much you take care of your vehicle, its exterior can get damaged by the elements or by an angry ex-girlfriend with a set of keys. Whatever the case may be, paint correction should be a priority if you want to make your car look cooler. DC Clear Auto Bra can take care of your paint correction needs. We will get rid of those scratches with the exact shade of your car. And if you want to protect your car from future scratches and avoid paint corrections, we can install a paint protection film

Tint Your Car’s Windows

Do you want to make your car look slick? It’s as simple as tinting your windows. Our experts use the highest quality materials to perform the job. Not only does window tinting provide a slick appearance for your vehicle, but it also protects you and your upholstery from the sun’s harmful UV rays. 

Get in Touch with DC Clear Auto Bra 

If you want to make your car look cooler, follow these 4 tips. DC Clear Auto Bra uses XPEL products to make your vehicle shine. We have been servicing Washinton, D.C., residents since 1989. Give us a call to learn more about the custom services that we offer!