5 Benefits of a Clear Auto Bra
clear bra installation


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Whether your vehicle is your daily driver, or a prized possession reserved for car shows and special occasions, it’s an investment worth protecting. And the simplest, most effective way to provide protection to your vehicle is by wrapping it with a clear auto bra. This specialty paint protection film is applied to the areas of the car that are most susceptible to scratches, dents, and overall erosion from the elements to keep your car looking pristine years after purchasing.

At DC Clear Auto Bra, we offer different options for adding a clear bra to your vehicle. We use high-quality XPEL products on each clear bra we install and can help recommend the right product and specific placement to provide the best protection and overall look for your car. The benefits of our professional install with XPEL include:

1). Paint Protection

 The most obvious of clear bra benefits, this added layer creates a flexible barrier to keep your car looking like new. UV rays, harsh winters, road salt, and even bird droppings can compromise the paint of your vehicle. This protective film ensures the coveted glossy look many car enthusiasts are after. If you’re interested in getting a clear bra, the best time is when your car is fresh off the lot, or newly re-painted, so we can help you seal and maintain that like-new glow.

2). Flat Finish

For those with a vehicle decked out in the flat paint style, a clear bra is also a must. While vehicles with a high-gloss finish enjoy added shine from a clear bra, flat factory-finished cars receive superior durability benefits. Due to the porous finish that a matte paint creates, these cars can absorb chemicals much more quickly and potentially stain. Because it’s impossible to buff or polish matte coating, it’s vital to add a protective layer between the satin finish and the elements by choosing a clear bra.

3). Stain Resistant

Even the most careful driver can’t fully prevent their car from encountering a stain. Whether another car’s paint or an especially large bug connects with your car, staining can happen quickly. You may have even heard that bird droppings can stain a car in less than 15 minutes. To buy yourself protection, peace of mind, and safeguard that perfect paint job, getting a professionally installed clear bra is a must.

4). Barrier from dents

Because it’s impossible to avoid rocks, gravel, and bugs when driving down the road, a clear bra acts as a strengthening component for your car’s exterior. While adding this protective film doesn’t protect you from collisions, minor scrapes and dents won’t happen as often, or have the same impact as when your vehicle doesn’t have this added support. The layer of film allows for smoother interactions with the forces your car is bound to come in contact with every day.

5). Self-healing

One of the most exciting benefits of clear bras is their tremendous self-healing properties. Because we use XPEL products, we are able to provide clear bras that self-heal small scratches and swirls. When the protective layer is exposed to heat, its specialty properties go to work eliminating small marks. Instead of constantly buffing and perfecting you’ll spend more time driving your stunning vehicle. 

It’s important to note that all of these amazing benefits can only be guaranteed by a professional installation using high-quality products. You should always be sure you understand the products that are interacting with your car and ensure that you don’t take shortcuts when it comes to choosing a quality shop. If you’re looking to add protection and peace of mind without sacrificing aesthetics, a clear bra from DC Clear Auto Bra is a perfect choice.