5 Reasons to Install XPEL Paint Protection Film on Your Vehicle


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Your vehicle is an important part of your life, which is why you should invest in the best maintenance. There are many ways to keep your car’s paint protected from the debris, gravel, and harsh sunlight you’ll encounter, but XPEL Paint Protection film might be the best option for preserving your beautiful paint job. Here are five reasons you should consider XPEL paint protection for your vehicle.

 Superior Stain and Scratch Resistance

When driving on the road, your car can sustain damage without you even knowing. Debris and gravel can leave scratches on your car’s exterior and wear your paint off. Even when parked, the sun’s harsh UV rays can fade your paint. With XPEL Paint Protection, you won’t have to worry about scratches and stains anymore. Paint protection films like XPEL are installed on the most vulnerable parts of your car’s exterior, including bumpers and mirrors, to give you protection from even the harshest road and weather conditions.

Smooth Top Coat

Unlike other brands with similar products, XPEL Paint Protection Films stay clear and smooth for years. With XPEL, you won’t have to worry about peeling or yellowing. This film might be unnoticeable to the naked eye, but it’s sure to protect your paint from damage.

Self-Healing Properties

This film doesn’t require any upkeep once it’s installed. Any scratches, swirls or spiderwebs will be able to heal themselves, meaning you won’t have to worry about replacing your film for a very long time. 

Unlike wax coats, your XPEL paint protection film won’t be weakened every time you wash your car. This film’s water-resistance means rain and car washes won’t be a problem anymore. Without any maintenance, you might even forget it’s there!

Ten-Year Warranty

XPEL is confident about the quality of their paint protection films, which is why they offer a ten-year warranty. XPEL paint protection films are less likely to yellow, peel, or exhibit any other defects, but you’re sure to get your money back if you aren’t satisfied with the product you receive. 

Simple Professional Installations

XPEL runs its own installation shop in San Antonio, Texas, but their product is available in auto shops around the country for anyone who wants to give their car superior protection against scratches and stains. All you need to do is find a mechanic near you who offers XPEL’s paint protection films. From there, your film will be fitted to your vehicle and installed on high-contact areas. You can even opt for a full vehicle wrap for more protection! 

DC Clear: Mechanics You Can Trust

At DC Clear, our mechanics value quality workmanship and client satisfaction above all else. We’re dedicated to giving your car the best, most long-lasting protection against wear and tear. We offer clear auto bras, window tint, and even interior protection to keep your vehicle looking great. We’ve been serving the Washington DC area since 1958, and we look forward to serving you soon! Call or visit our website to get in touch with DC Clear Auto Bra today!