8 Tips to Help Your Car Retain Its Value
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It Your car might be worth the world to you, but how is its value holding up? The experts at Carfax say new cars lose about 20% of their value after the first year, and 15-18% each year thereafter. Some depreciation is unavoidable, but you can slow it down by taking excellent care of your car and avoiding mistakes some owners make with their vehicles. You’ll reap the benefits of your efforts when it comes time to sell the car or trade it in.

At DC Clear Auto Bra, we like to help our customers take the very best care of their cars. You can preserve your car’s paint job with a paint protection film from XPEL, the best brand in the business for keeping your car shiny (or matte) as new! Call us today to learn more about our paint protection services and schedule a time to drop by.

Here are eight ways to maintain your car’s value for as long as possible.

1). Park It in a Garage is The Most Obvious Advice! 

Keep your car protected by storing it in a garage. When you park your car outside, it is vulnerable to extreme weather, flying debris or falling branches, hail, and the fading effect of the sun. All of these can age your car’s appearance and require costly repairs. It’s much easier to prevent damage than it is to repair it.

2). No Smoking, Shouldn\’t You Be Vaping by Now Anyway?

The smell of cigarette smoke permeates every surface in your car and is almost impossible to remove. Since fewer than 25% of Americans smoke cigarettes, the lingering smell of smoke can greatly decrease your car’s resale value. Too much exposure to smoke can even discolor your vinyl and upholstery – not a good look at trade-in time. The worst thing that can come from smoking is burns in your carpet, door paneling, and seats from cigarette ash and butts. 

3). Fix Problems ASAP Instead of Snowballing Them. 

Big car issues tend to start out as small ones, and that’s when you should address them before they get worse. Listen for unusual engine sounds like pinging, rattling, or clanking. Take your car in for service at the first sign of trouble, especially if the engine turns noisy or the check engine light comes on. Your engine’s condition plays a big part in your car’s value.

4). Keep Mileage Low and Accomplish More at a Time

Your car’s mileage is another important factor in its resale value. The more miles your car has on it, the lower its value will be. Low-mileage vehicles fetch the best resell and trade-in prices. Consider leaving your vehicle at home when you go on long trips or carpooling to work a few times a week. Don’t drive your car unnecessarily.

5). Regular Maintenance Doesn\’t Mean 10K Oil Changes! 

A well-maintained car holds its value and stays in good condition longer than one that seldom gets a tune-up or oil change. Take yours in for a tune-up every 25,000 miles and get the oil changed every 3,000 – 5,000 miles to keep your engine running smoothly.

6). Protect the Interior and It Might Smell New Longer.

A damaged car interior will chip away at your vehicle’s value. Take good care of the surfaces inside your car by cleaning spills as soon as they occur and applying vinyl protectant to keep your dashboard from cracking and peeling. Damaged vinyl and stained upholstery give the impression that the car wasn’t cared for.

7). Drive It Gently, Like Your Mom is in the Back Seat.

Hard driving – flooring the gas, slamming on the brakes, and screeching around turns – take a heavy toll on your car. As your car’s components experience faster wear and tear, they might get loose or start making noises that would put off a potential buyer.

8). Preserve the Paint, Wax On – Wax Off! 

Protect your car from scratches and keep the color beautiful by waxing it a few times a year. If you live in a hot climate or even a cool one that has constant exposure to the UV rays of the sun you need to add a protective wax coating at least 3 to 4 times per year or you will begin to lose clearcoat protection for your paint. Or opt for a paint protection film from XPEL that will preserve your car’s finish, protect it from dirt, and allow it to go longer between washes.

DC Clear: Protecting DC-Area Cars Since 1993

For the ultimate in paint protection, come by DC Clear Auto Bra in Fort Washington, MD. Our team applies protective films and ceramic clear coat to keep your car looking new! Stop by today to see us in action and receive an estimate for your vehicle.