All About Mazda 46G, Machine Grey Metallic Paint
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Every once in a while, a paint hits the market that captures the interest of auto refurbishing companies everywhere. The Mazda 46G metallic grey paint is so popular it demands a how-to guide to help those interested in the paint get to apply it to their automobile. Here are a few steps on what the paint is, how to apply it, and how to protect your car’s new paint.

The Mazda Paint

A sleek, new metallic paint color using aluminum flake has hit the market and caused a stir in the auto community. The Mazda 46G’s Machine Grey Metallic paint may be the newest color to capture the attention of refinishers, but the same flake has been used by Alubeam Metallic these past several years. There are a few variations in applying the flake, as listed below.

How to Apply It

The Mazda 46G Machine Grey Metallic is a translucent color that takes an initial application of ground and blended coat to be applied before the flake. Although the paint is translucent, the ground coat is black for the 46G. Manufacturers put a high volume of the aluminum flake in their top/mid-coat, which looks like a transparent but dark layer. The top/mid-coat flake is smoother than the majority of metallic coats, so the application is conversely different. Applying a metallic flake onto a car is almost like spraying a crimped-up aluminum foil to the body. 

How to Prep

How to sand the car is usually an agreed-upon procedure among most manufacturers. For finishing, use a fine scratch, anywhere between P1000-P600, considered the best surface to put on the 46G flake.

After Applying

Use a black basecoat, ground, as the sealer or basecoat. This again is agreed on by most manufacturers regarding the 46G flake.

Use a Clear Coat 

Manufacturers tend to differ on this one. Many recommend adding one clear coat as the next application, dried, and then painted over as usual. However, other manufacturers recommend applying a 2-step clearcoat, dried, and then sanded down. The 2-part coat adds an additional time to the job that the one-step clear coat doesn’t.

Applying the Flake

Finally, there’s applying the flake itself. There are more than a few ways to do this with the Mazda 46G. Some suggest using a smaller size of the tip with a dry application, while others say to put on the flake as you would an ordinary basecoat. The effect or drop coat may be vital to keeping the coat free of coloration. It could take more than one coat to apply the coat just right. 

Applying a Coat of Clear

A good recommendation for the Mazda 46G is to use a soft coat of clear in order to make a makeshift barrier before the next layer or two. This will keep your flake from moving or creating a mottled, dappled look. The coat is ordinary enough to apply without any extra concerns, but it does have a tendency toward discoloration. To prevent this, effect coats will be a very important step. 

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