Commercial window film

Commercial Window Film

DC Clear Auto Bra now installs architectural window films for your building with the same skill and work ethic that have earned us a reputation for excellence with car films. We use the finest products on the market to bring you the best possible results. Call us today to get your free estimate for window film installation at your workplace.

Commercial window films protect your office windows from sun damage and physical damage, and they provide privacy and help reduce your cooling costs. Your employees will appreciate having a more comfortable work environment, and the energy savings will help your bottom line.

 We Use XPEL VISION Solutions

The same company that brought us the industry-leading car paint protection films has now given us superior commercial window films. At DC Clear, we only use products we believe in and know we can rely on. We use XPEL window film products because they have proven time and again to be the most resilient and the best at adhering to windows. Some of the benefits of using XPEL films are:

Lower monthly energy bills

A more energy-efficient workplace

Natural light without glare

Privacy from onlookers

Prolonged life and vibrancy of your interior

Protection from shattered glass fragments

Many options to choose from

XPEL’s comprehensive warranty


The XPEL VISION Product Line

Do you want to protect your commercial windows from break-ins and vandalism, or keep your interior cool and protected from fading? Why not both? XPEL has films that focus on security and protection, films that offer maximum protection from the sun’s UV rays, and many options that combine these features. DC Clear will walk you through all of your options to make sure you choose the film series that’s right for your needs.


SOLAR Series. This film blocks UV rays while keeping your glass shatter-proof.

SAFETY Series. A clear layer that filters out 99% of UV rays, this option comes in thick 4mm and 7mm safety film.

SECURITY Series. A tough security film that protects against accidental or intentional breakage. Available in 8mm, 12mm, and 15mm thickness.

ANTI-GRAFFITI Series. Protects glass that has been targeted by graffiti, scratching, or corrosive substances. Can be applied to the window’s exterior or interior. Available in 4mm and 6mm thickness.

EXTERIOR Series. A reflective exterior film that blocks heat and provides maximum privacy.

DECORATIVE Series. A designer series available in semi-transparent White Matte and non-transparent Whiteout and Blackout.

ARCHITECTURAL Series. These films come in Silver Series, Bronze Series, Crystal Clear, Dual Reflective Series, Neutral Series and Daylight. They provide sun protection with varying degrees of clarity so you can enjoy natural light without harmful UV exposure.

XPEL has thoroughly tested all of their products to come up with the best protection against UV rays and shattered glass while giving you a choice between privacy and crystal clarity. These films are quick to install, resistant to most damage, and XPEL’s warranty guarantees that they will last for years. When you want your office to benefit from energy efficiency and look its best, call on the XPEL-certified installers at DC Clear. We’re always ready to help and to answer any questions you have about our products and services.

DC Clear Auto Bra and Commercial Window Film Installation

We do quality work with quality products, whether you need a paint protection film for your car or window films for your business or residence. DC Clear always goes the extra mile to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied. Our talented XPEL-certified team is standing by to provide you with the very best in paint and window protection. Give us a call today for your free estimate!




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