Customer Highlight: Paint Correction and Paint Protection Film- We Do It All
closeup of a caliper



Moo Moo Brooks brought his elegant Porsche Panamera into DC Clear Auto Bra to get his calipers painted. We specialize in many areas here, one of them being paint correction. The road can be a harsh place, and we focus on removing scratches and other imperfections on your paint job. We make sure that the entire car looks as one. Take a look at our paint correction services, as well as our paint protection film.

What Is a Paint Correction?

Our paint correction service makes your car look better than new. Sometimes, when you purchase a car, it doesn’t shine as you expected it to. Well, there’s no need to worry. Bring it into DC Clear Auto Bra and we will make sure it’s bright and shiny. The manufacturing and shipping process can result in small scratches and micro-abrasions that dull the shine of your new car or smaller components of it. We will ensure that your car has a perfect mirror finish.

Paint correction is a labor intensive polishing process that is worth the hassle. Beauty takes time, but the results are priceless. 

Does Your Vehicle Need a Paint Correction?

The truth is, a paint job needs to be taken well care of. Even if you are very cautious, there are factors that you can’t prevent from ruining your paint job. For example, acidic rain and bird droppings can damage the paint. You can’t control when and where these things will land, and anytime you take your car out of the garage it’s at risk. Driving on the road in general is taxing on the car. Debris, dirt, dust, sand, tree sap, and other surface contaminants can scratch your paint job. Even the sun\’s UV rays can dull and fade your paint.

So, if you want your vehicle to be as scratchless and shiny as possible, we encourage bringing it to DC Clear Auto Bra for a paint correction. 

XPEL Paint Protection Film

For the ultimate protection against environmental threats and road debris and sand, XPEL paint protection film has your vehicle covered. It protects it from anything that can harm its paint and finish. XPEL’s products lead the industry in best quality and performance. We are certified installers, and we will exceed your expectations.

Ceramic Coating

Pair your paint protection film with ceramic coating. It is a premium wax solution that won’t wash away, and it doesn’t need to be re-applied. Ceramic coating is made up of polymers in liquid form that form a chemical bond with the paint on your vehicle. It is extremely hydrophobic and rust-resistant. Water rolls right off of your car and you hardly need to wax your car.

DC Clear Auto Bra: Put Your Prize in Good Hands

Bring your hot wheels to DC Clear Auto Bra. We will get your car looking better than new, as well as ensure that the shine lasts. Schedule your appointment today, and let’s bring your vehicle to perfection.