Customer Highlight: XPEL Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating
Xpel ceramic coating of a blue car


When Jonathan brought his beautiful 718 Boxster GTS 4.0 to the DC Clear Auto Bra shop, I worked for days to seamlessly wrap the luxury car with an XPEL Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating. This is the paint protection coating of the future and achieves optimal shine, eliminating the need to wax your car. I myself am a car enthusiast and proud car detailer, so I’m overjoyed to hear such positive feedback from a great client that entrusted me with his prized possession. So, let’s get into what I did and explain how a ceramic coating can be a great paint protection solution. 


What is XPEL Ceramic Coating?

XPEL Fusion Plus ceramic coating is used with other paint protection films to create a protective barrier between your paint job and the elements. A ceramic coating helps minimize how much you have to wash your vehicle and adds an appealing shine. A good ceramic coating isn’t a substitute for a paint protection film, it’s a great alternative that minimizes the need for waxes. Better yet, XPEL ceramic coating is a fairly long-term paint protection solution, so you won’t have to come back for frequent re-applications. 

The Benefits of XPEL Ceramic Coating

When a ceramic coating is applied to a beautiful paint job along with a paint protection film, your car will look like it just rolled out of a showroom while you drive around town. Aside from the beautiful appearance a ceramic coating provides, it also offers many other benefits. One thing that the car enthusiasts who frequent DC Clear Auto Bra love are that ceramic coatings prevent rust. The XPEL Fusion Plus coating actually repels water and damaging UV rays to keep your investment looking shiny and new. It also makes cleaning your car a breeze and the high-gloss finish is so smooth you can see your own unobstructed reflection. While a ceramic coating makes it easier to clean, you won’t have to do it very often. Another cool feature of the XPEL Fusion Plus ceramic coating is that it’s self-cleaning. The body of your luxury car will become so slick and slippery, that dirt, debris, and other contaminants will fly off when your pick up speed. Not to mention, how long-lasting it is. Most ceramic coatings hold up for years, and I’m so confident that yours will that I even offer a 4-year warranty. 

DC Clear Auto Bra– Luxury Car Paint Protection Services

Contact us today to discover how we carefully prepare your vehicle, polish it, and apply the XPEL Fusion Plus polymer coating. We’re confident that you’ll be impressed with what you learn and feel the excitement when you walk into the garage and see your glossy new vehicle. When you hire DC Clear Auto Bra and buy a ceramic paint protection film– you’ll be spending a lot less time detailing your car. That’s because you’ll be too busy cruising around and admiring gazes. Let’s talk and figure out what paint protection film is best for your car and lifestyle!