How to Maintain Your Vehicle’s Clear Auto Bra
Window tinting XPEL Prime DC Clear Auto Bra in Fort Washington Maryland


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Car lovers know how important it is to protect and maintain your vehicle’s paint. When you go to get a clear auto bra applied to your vehicle, you have to make sure it stays in good shape so it can continue protecting your car’s paint job. That’s why we’re going to give you some tips on how to take proper care of your car’s clear auto bra.

If you live in or around D.C., Maryland or Virginia and are looking for high quality protection for your vehicle, come to DC Clear Auto Bra. Our team of certified XPEL installers are ready to get your car looking brand new.

Begin with a Rinse

The first step to properly maintaining your clear auto bra is to regularly rinse it from top to bottom. A normal garden hose is fine to use. For extra dirty vehicles though, you may want to use a power washer. Just make sure to hold the power washer at least three feet away from the vehicle so you don’t cause unwanted damage to the clear coat.

Wash with Care

The two things you need to carefully wash your vehicle are a liquid car soap and a microfiber cloth. It might be tempting to use any soap you have around the house, but these might not get all the dirt off, and they could cause damage to your clear coat.

Starting at the top of the vehicle, wash it in straight lines pointing down to the edges of the auto bra. This will prevent streaks from forming once dried. Make sure to not use excessive force, abrasive sponges or degreasers. Although auto bras are very durable, excessive scrubbing in one spot can cause damage to the film, which will weaken its protective properties.

Dry with Caution

Once again, you will need to use a microfiber towel for the drying process, since they’re the most gentle. Before you begin, make sure the cloth is slightly dampened so it doesn’t leave streaks. Move in straight lines starting at the top of your car and work your way down. Avoid wiping under the edges of your vehicle during the process.

DC Clear Auto Bra: Keeping DMV Cars Shiny and New

It’s an investment to keep your car looking great. If you’re going to have a clear auto bra applied to it, you want to make sure you know how to maintain it. Remember to not use too many products on your car, less is more. A water hose, liquid based car soap and microfiber towels are all you really need. If you decide to apply a layer of wax, it’s important to make sure the surface is clean.

For the most protective and long-lasting clear coat on your vehicle, come to DC Clear Auto Bra. We service the entire DMV area and we guarantee we’ll have your car looking better than ever. Call us at (571) 263-1348 or visit our website to get your car in ASAP.

1. Can Keep Costs Low

If your car’s interior is already torn and tattered, it will likely just get worse. As issues with your interior continue, they’ll cost more to repair in the future. Eventually, they’ll become so worn that repairs will not suffice, and you will be in need of a full replacement!

2. Improve Your Visibility

People often forget how beneficial it is to wipe down the interiors of their windows/windshields. Whether is it smudges or handprints, marks on your windows can blur your vision and ruin your visibility. Not only does it make your car look dirtier, but it can also be a safety hazard if your windows get too dirty.

3. Avoid Health Concerns

You never know what kinds of germs and bacteria are hiding in your upholstery. You spend a lot of time inside of your car. Think about the long road trips, rides to the doctor’s office and spilled late night snacks. There’s probably way more hiding out in your seats than you realize, and these can aggravate your allergies and cause respiratory issues.

4. Improve Resale Value

If you have plans to resell or trade in your vehicle in the future, a damaged, dirty interior will lower its value. Dealerships and potential buyers will see it as something they have to replace, so it is best to keep up with your interior before it gets past the point of no return.

5. It Leaves a Good Impression

Like we said before, we spend a lot of time inside of our cars. Don’t you want it to be a place you enjoy? To people riding in your car, the way you take care of it could be a reflection of how you care for other parts of your life, so it’s important to treat it well and keep it pretty!

DC Clear Auto Bra: Keeping DMV Area Cars Fresh

Keeping up with your vehicle’s interior is beneficial in a lot of ways. Doing so can prevent you from spending more money later on, improve your car’s value and help you stay healthy and safe in your vehicle. It also leaves a good impression on anyone who rides in your car!

DC Clear Auto Bra brings top quality leather and vinyl repair and reconditioning services. We also do full car deodorizing to rid your ride of any mysterious smells. Call us at (571) 263-1348 or visit our website to get your car in today. No one else in D.C., Maryland or Virginia can make your car feel as new as we do.