How To Properly Care For Your Auto Bra 
care for yourauto bra


So you just had DC Clear Auto Bra install your new auto bra… but you aren’t sure how to take care of it properly. Luckily, we can teach you exactly how to care for your auto bra so your car stays looking new for miles and miles. In this post, we will explain what an auto bra is (specifically an XPEL auto bra), how to clean it, and signs to look for that may indicate that your auto bra is worn out. 

What Is an XPEL Auto Bra?

An XPEL auto bra is a protective film designed to protect the front end of a vehicle from damage caused by everyday driving hazards such as stones, bugs, and debris. It is a clear urethane film that is applied to the front end of a vehicle and is designed to blend in with the paint. The film is designed to be both durable and flexible, allowing it to conform to the curves of the vehicle and protect against scratches, chips, and other damage. It also helps reduce the appearance of minor scratches and scuffs. Installation of an XPEL auto bra can be a tricky process so it always best to have a trained professional install it for you. 

How To Care for Your Auto Bra

Taking care of your auto bra is important to keep it looking great and performing its best. Here are some tips on how to care for yours:

  • Always wash your auto bra with mild soap and water. 
  • Be sure to rinse off any dirt and debris. 
  • When you\’re done washing , dry it off with a clean cloth (Make sure to use a soft cloth to avoid scratching the finish).
  • Next, you should apply a wax or sealant to help protect the finish from the sun\’s UV rays, dirt, and other elements. You can do this every few months.
  • Finally, inspect the bra occasionally to make sure all the clips and straps are secure and the edges are in good condition. 

When in doubt, take your car to a certified installer but with proper care and maintenance, your auto bra can last for years.

Signs of a Worn Out Auto Bra

A damaged or worn out auto bra can be identified in a number of ways. The bra may appear faded, discolored, or have cracks along the surface. Over time, the edges and corners of the bra may become frayed or torn, and the adhesive may start to come apart. 

In some cases, the bra may also start to bubble or wrinkle due to exposure to sun or other environmental elements. Another sign is that the bra may become difficult to remove, as the adhesive may have set in and become difficult to break. If any of these signs are present, it is important to replace the bra as soon as possible to ensure safe driving conditions.

Let Us Help You Care For Your Auto Bra 

At DC Clear Auto Bra, we understand how important it is to keep your car looking good. That\’s why we offer the highest quality auto bras in Fort Washington, professionally installed to protect your car from scratches and other wear and tear. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing you with the best service possible, so don\’t hesitate to give us a call or fill out our online form today. Let us help you keep your car looking as new as possible for miles to come!