How to Protect Your Vehicle from the Summer Heat


Summer is finally on its way, which means your car is more susceptible than ever to heat and sun damage. Heat doesn’t only damage the paint on your car. It can also cause expensive tire, engine, and interior damage after too much exposure, so you should be mindful of how hot it is and how long your car stays in the sun with no protection. Here are a few ways you can protect your car from the heat this summer.

Check on Important Parts Regularly

Your battery, hose, belt and tires are the most vulnerable to heat damage, so it’s important to regularly check these parts throughout the summer. If you think your car has been left in the sun too long, check these parts for damage first.

You should also be mindful of all your car’s fluids. The heat can cause certain fluids to leak or evaporate, so keep all your fluids topped off throughout the summer months.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

This might seem obvious, but try to find shade for your vehicle when you can. Park in a garage or under a roof as much as you can, and invest in a heavy-duty car cover to block harsh rays and reflect the sun’s heat. If you feel comfortable, leave your windows rolled down an inch so heat inside the car can escape. 

Keep Your Car Clean 

Sunlight and heat aren’t great for your car’s paint, and a dirty car is more vulnerable to sun damage. Have your car cleaned on a regular schedule, and always remove any noticeable spots right away. If you’re cleaning your car at home, use gentle soaps and sponges to prevent paint damage. Don’t scrub too hard on your car’s exterior, and never let a car stay wet. Dry your car with a soft cloth immediately. Allowing it to sun-dry means any residue from the soap will bleach under the sun and fade your paint.

Add Protective Layers to Your Paint

If you want to protect your paint even more, you should invest in clear protective layers like wax or films. Wax is a great protective option, but it naturally wears off after multiple washes and needs to be regularly reapplied. Clear protective paint films, also called auto bras, are designed to stay on your car longer and be less noticeable while still giving your paint the protection it needs. Clear auto bras are carefully applied on the areas of your car most vulnerable to scratching, denting or fading. Some waxes and auto bras are specifically designed to reflect the sun’s harsh UV rays.

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