How Well Does XPEL Stand Up to the Competition?
Xpel installation


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Dents, scratches and other damage to your vehicle from rocks and gravel is a constant worry for car owners. Also, sticky insect droppings, bird droppings, prolonged exposure to UV rays, winter road salt and other concerns are problems that can create worries all year long. These types of situations can seriously damage your vehicle and make it lose its elegant appearance and hence reduce the resale value. At DC Clear Auto Bra in Fort Washington, MD, our team of experienced automotive tinting and film specialists knows just how important it can be to make sure your vehicle has the best possible protection against all the dangers of the road.

A question we have been asked quite a few times is what we can do to protect the integrity of a vehicle. The short answer is surprisingly easy: get a clear bra. This protects your car paint for a long time and is fully transparent so it can’t even be noticed in most cases. When it comes to a protective film, there are a few choices on the market, so we decided to spend some time going over the differences between the XPEL series of protective films, and how they measure up to the most popular competitive brand, 3M. 

A Quick Background

XPEL and 3M are the two leading brands in the automotive protective film industry. Both of these brands are known for their first-class, highly durable products, and the similarities between their products. However, because they are two different brands, there are going to be some differences. While 3M may be the more recognizable name given their long history of quality products and service, XPEL is the hot new name in the scene when it comes to window tinting, paint protection, and unbeatable quality. While 3M is practically the father of the entire automotive paint industry, XPEL is known for taking the time to develop its products. As a small company that mainly focuses on the production of paint films, XPEL does a surprisingly good job of consistently producing quality results.

The Power of Self-Healing Properties

Recently released products in the XPEL series are known for setting a new standard as the world\’s first self-healing film. So, if you encounter a scratch on the surface of the film, you only need to store your car safely at room temperature for a short time. After 30 minutes, the scratched surface will start to look like new. While this does not mean that 3M Scotchgard is suddenly worthless, because their latest film has a similar level of self-healing potential, it\’s still not as good as the XPEL series.

A Better Warranty

When deciding to add a protective film layer to your vehicle, it can make a big difference to know exactly how long the warranty on this product will be good for. For XPEL products, this warranty extends out for a full 10 years. On 3M’s side, however, their warranty typically only stretches for seven. For many prospective buyers, this is one of the biggest deciding factors when it comes time to decide how they will spend their money.

Pricing Makes a Difference

Another noticeable difference between XPEL products and 3M products is the price you will pay. Although these two products are both high-quality choices, you are going to have to part with a little more money if you choose XPEL. At the same time, you can feel confident that this investment will not be a waste.

Ask DC Clear Auto Bra in Fort Washington, Maryland for Advice

If you’re interested in adding a protective film layer or other product to defend your vehicle against the potential damaging factors that can appear on the road every day, then don’t hesitate to contact our team right away so we can help you find the right product for your needs. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we’re always ready to help you find the perfect option for your situation.