DC Clear Bra’s Top 3 Tips For Keeping Your New Car’s Paint Job Looking New
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Here at DC Clear Auto Bra, we’ve got a collection of luxury vehicles rolling in and out each day. Porsches. Teslas. Ferraris. Lexus. Needless to say, we appreciate luxury. We also understand better than most that if you’re going to drop six figures on a new ride, you want to ensure the paint job looks pretty as a picture on the road for years to come. So today, DC Clear Auto Bra in Fort Washington, Maryland, has some hot tips to keep your vehicle in like-new condition as you take on the East coast. 

Keep it clean

Every time your car rolls out of the garage, it’s exposed to the elements. Now, this can be pretty cool when you’re just cruising down the Potomac River or hit the coast. However, it can be less than exciting to get home and see all of the bird droppings, insects, and debris that adhered to your vehicle’s paint. You’ll want to get rid of all of this ASAP. Aside from being an eyesore, some debris is corrosive and can cause lasting damage to your paint job. Any time you notice that your vehicle is collecting dirt and debris take it to the car wash or clean it at home.

If you prefer to clean your luxury vehicle on your own, follow these steps for maximum cleanliness without risking any scratches. 

  • Step away from the dish soap. Dish soap and other household cleaning supplies can be unnecessarily abrasive. Instead, opt for a cleaning solution designed to protect your paint job. 
  • Lather up your car with the soap of your choice and either a natural sponge or a wool mitt. Take care to clean the car’s body, windows, tires, and rims. You’ll also want to rinse out your sponge with clean water as you move along the car. 
  • Don’t air-dry your car. This can leave behind hard water stains or cause swirl marks. Instead, use a chamois cloth, microfiber towel, or terry towel to hand dry the surface. 

Invest in exterior paint job detailing

While you can keep your car clean by yourself, for the most part, you may also benefit from using a detailing service once or twice a year. You may even want to use one more frequently if you have the time and budget for it. 

Exterior auto detailing is an intensive service that restores your vehicle after it’s been exposed to construction debris, road salt, rocks, gravel, and more. Detailing professionals use degreasers, waxes, and detergents to ensure that no remnants of the road are left behind. Most detailers will use clay bars to remove dust and grit before applying a sealant to protect the paint. While our mission is to help you protect your vehicle’s paint, it’s also worth mentioning that a car detailer can help you clean out your car’s interior occasionally and ensure there’s no gunk or dust making your car feel like anything less than luxury.

Paint protection film

Now, we’re getting into the paint protection solutions that we’re passionate about here at DC Clear Auto Bra. If you’ve purchased a new vehicle in recent years, you’ve probably heard of paint protection film, PPF, or clear bra. The Xpel paint protection film that we use in our shop protects your vehicle’s paint job from flying debris. Even if a particularly sharp object manages to puncture your clear coat, most times it’ll still save your paint job from damage. Paint protection keeps scratches and scrapes from making your vehicle’s value depreciate faster and its self-healing properties prevent issues like swirling. 

DC Clear Auto Bra– Protect your paint job

Keep your car in near perfect condition for as long as you own it with the help of DC Clear Auto Bra Fort Washington. When you work with our team, even debris from the most adventurous road trip won\’t ding up your paint job! Our knowledgeable paint protection specialists have years of experience and are passionate about protecting your investment. Call today to learn more about our paint protection services and how we can help protect your car’s paint job from road debris.