Is Car Technology Making Us Bad Drivers?

Cars today come equipped with a full host of safety features that allow us to see behind our vehicles when we back up, warn us when someone is in our blind spot, and alert us if we’re drifting into another lane. For the most part, these are great features. They...

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Are You a Smart Parker?

When you’re behind the wheel of a car, it’s always important to drive safely and be aware of your surroundings. Safety is especially important in parking lots, where lots of vehicles are crowded into a small space also shared by pedestrians and shopping carts. Whether...

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5 Essential Smartphone Apps for Drivers

DC Clear Auto Bra is more than just a place to get protective films for your car. We’re a team of car lovers who want to help you get the most enjoyment out of your vehicle. We understand the thrill of the open road, the pride of showing off a gleaming paint job on a...

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10 Maintenance Tips for Your Car

At DC Clear Auto Bra, we understand that your car is one of your most prized possessions. We feel the same way about our own cars, which is why we always emphasize the importance of routine maintenance. Taking the proper steps to maintain your car will keep it looking...

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How the Sun Damages Your Car

They’re an iconic duo: sunny summer days and long rides in the car. There’s nothing quite like sunlight to show off your car’s incredible paint finish. Unfortunately, the sun’s ultraviolet rays and heat can cause damage to your vehicle if you don’t take proper...

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CLEANING DO’S • Use only specialty car wash soap to clean the bra film or spot areas. • Apply using a microfiber wash mitt . • For extra-soiled or bug splattered areas, soak with soap and wipe clean with the mitt again. • If debris remains, on the next wash use Dawn...

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We want you to feel confident about our installation methods and the materials we use. The Clear Auto Bra FAQs below will address some of your questions. Learn about XPEL car bra paint protection facts and how the invisible shield works to guard your vehicle. CONTACT...

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High-performance, ultra­clear coated aliphatic polyurethane film This high-performance, self-adhesive film is designed to protect automotive paint and other surfaces from the harmful effects of stone chips and abrasion. This low-surface energy shield resists staining, offering superior environmental resistance and gloss retention. And its clear coat polymers allow scratches in the surface to actually “self-heal” over time, eliminating the need for frequent polishing.

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The only way this experience could have been better is if Jason’s shop was a huge fully heated semi trailer parked in my driveway so I did not need to expose my brand new ‘naked’ Tesla 3 to DC metro roadways to get to his shop. Better yet parked at the Dealer for immediate application. I wish I had a copy of the photo Jason took of where dump truck debris made a direct hit on our Tesla front end to attach to this review – a hit AFTER he had applied the film. WOW! I wish this stuff was available when I first got my ’05 Titan. Jason’s Customer Service is as Great as the XPEL film he applies. Every mile you drive leaves a mark on an unprotected vehicle – nothing wrong with MAACO but NOTHING beats Factory.”

Jane Doe

No matter the make, model or year, Clear Auto Bra has your vehicle covered!

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