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Your home is your castle, so it should be as safe and comfortable as possible. DC Clear Auto Bra offers residential window film installation to protect your home, family and belongings from hazards like UV rays, vandals, and curious onlookers. We use the highest quality protective films from XPEL and cut them to fit your windows. These films can keep your interior from fading and reduce your cooling bill, bringing you significant savings over time. Call us today for a free consultation and estimate!


Why Use Residential Window Films?

Glass windows can be very beautiful and give you a picturesque view of the outdoors, but they also allow others to see in – and not everyone has good intentions. You can protect your family and your belongings by using a security film that blocks the view of passersby and makes your windows tougher and more shatter-proof.

Security films range from 8mm to 15mm in thickness. They make it much harder to break the glass windows they are adhered to, and if the window does get broken, the film protects you from shards of glass. Because it’s more difficult to break in through a secure window, you have more warning that someone is trying to infiltrate your home and more time to react.

When you combine the thickness of security films with the increased privacy of tinted or reflective films, you have an impressive crime deterrent. The very best films keep your home safe from flying glass and unwelcome prying eyes.

An added benefit is the protection window films give you from the sun’s heat and UV rays. If you live in an area that gets warm in the summer, you can save money on your energy bill by choosing a high-tint window film for your home. This will keep your family more comfortable while keeping a little more money in your pocket. Your drapes, furniture and flooring will also be spared from the sun’s fading effect.


DC Clear Prefers XPEL

At DC Clear Auto Bra, we only use products we can stand behind. We use XPEL paint protection films on cars to keep their finish looking brand new, and we use XPEL VISION residential window films to keep our customers safe and comfortable in their homes.

XPEL is an industry leader who takes the time to test their products for safety and effectiveness. Their window films adhere perfectly to a window’s surface and stay in great shape for years to come. XPEL even offers an extensive warranty for their products. Since there are so many films to choose from, DC Clear is always available to help you choose the best one for your home.

Your choices include:

SOLAR Series. This film blocks UV rays while keeping your glass shatter-proof.

SAFETY Series. A clear layer that filters out 99% of UV rays, this option comes in thick 4mm and 7mm safety film.

SECURITY Series. A tough security film that protects against accidental or intentional breakage. Available in 8mm, 12mm, and 15mm thickness.

ANTI-GRAFFITI Series. Protects glass that has been targeted by graffiti, scratching, or corrosive substances. Can be applied to the window’s exterior or interior. Available in 4mm and 6mm thickness.

EXTERIOR Series. A reflective exterior film that blocks heat and provides maximum privacy.

DECORATIVE Series. A designer series available in semi-transparent White Matte and non-transparent Whiteout and Blackout.

ARCHITECTURAL Series. These films come in Silver Series, Bronze Series, Crystal Clear, Dual Reflective Series, Neutral Series and Daylight. They provide sun protection with varying degrees of clarity so you can enjoy natural light without harmful UV exposure.


DC Clear Auto Bra and Residential Window Film Installation

We have earned a reputation for excellence when it comes to protecting cars, and now we have extended our protective film installation services to include homes and businesses! Our XPEL-certified installers are waiting to help you reduce your cooling bills, protect your assets, and enjoy more energy efficiency at your home and workplace. You can always trust us to get the job done right.

We proudly serve the DC Metro area and surrounding cities. If you have questions about all the ways residential window films can benefit your home, give us a call today! We offer free estimates.


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