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XPEL Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating

XPEL presents the next generation of paint protection with the Fusion Plus ceramic coating. Its unrivaled performance makes it a favorite among car enthusiasts and auto detailers alike. XPEL Fusion Plus was designed to be used in conjunction with paint protection films to act as an additional layer of protection that minimizes washing time and maximizes your enjoyment of your vehicle. DC Clear Auto Bra is proud to offer the full range of XPEL protective products, applied by an experienced, XPEL-certified installer.

What Is Ceramic Coating?

You may have heard the hype about ceramic coatings for vehicle paint protection. While ceramic coatings are not a substitute for a good paint protection film, they can be used as a premium wax alternative that won’t wash away and doesn’t need frequent re-applications. For the very best in paint protection, we use the industry-leading XPEL Fusion Plus ceramic coating.

Ceramic coatings are polymers in liquid form. When applied to a vehicle, the polymers form a chemical bond with the paint. This results in a semi-permanent coating that is extremely hydrophobic and rust-resistant. Imagine not having to wax your car every few weeks to retain a hydrophobic surface. Water rolls right off of the XPEL Fusion Plus ceramic coating after a single application.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

When paired with a quality paint protection film, ceramic coatings provide next-level preservation for your vehicle’s paint job. They keep your car looking like it just left the showroom, and minimize the need for washing and drying. Here are some of the benefits of using XPEL Fusion Plus:

Protects Against UV Damage and Rust. Water and sun exposure can team up to cause oxidization in your vehicle’s paint – otherwise known as rust. Ceramic coatings block harmful UV rays and repel water, reducing the risk of oxidization.

Chemical-Resistant. Sometimes the air and rain contain acidic contaminants that bond to a vehicle’s paint, leaving it etched and discolored over time. A layer of ceramic coating prevents contaminants from forming this bond. As long as you remove them sooner rather than later, they won’t stain or etch your car.

Easier Cleaning. Because of XPEL Fusion Plus’s hydrophobic surface, water is unable to adhere to it. This is also true of mud, tree sap, and other grime. Contaminants that would normally be a nightmare to remove from uncoated paint come right off when you wash a ceramic coat.

Shines Like No Other. Ceramic coating results in a high-gloss finish. Pair it with a glossy protective film like the XPEL Ultimate Plus for a mirror-smooth shine you can see yourself in!

Self-Cleaning Properties. XPEL is known for developing the first self-healing paint protection film, so it’s little wonder they were able to give us a ceramic coating with self-cleaning properties. Dirt and debris are literally whisked away when your car is in motion, making upkeep a breeze.

Long-Lasting. It’s not unusual for ceramic coating to last for years. In Fact, XPEL guarantees its Fusion Plus for four years from the date of application. If you have questions about this warranty, feel free to give us a call. We are always happy to give you suggestions for extending the life of your paint protection films and ceramics.

How We Apply It

We start by giving your car a thorough washing to make sure no dirt or dust will interfere with the chemical bonding process. Next, we apply a chemical decontaminant that helps remove tar and iron filings which aren’t visible to the naked eye. After that is wiped off, we do a manual decontamination with a lubricant that lifts any remaining contaminants from the vehicle’s clear coat. The idea is to get the paint surface as pristine as possible.

After a polishing and a final wipe-down with paint sealer, we apply the liquid polymer ceramic coat.

XPEL and DC Clear Auto Bra

If you want to spend less time detailing and washing, and more time enjoying the open road, call DC Clear Auto Bra today! We only use the best products that are unrivaled by competitors, and we will give you all the information you need to choose the paint protection that’s right for your car.

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