XPEL Interior Protection

We’d all like to keep our cars looking new for as long as we can, and interior protective films make that possible by protecting all your car’s interior surfaces from scratches, small tears, UV fading, and even microbial growth. At DC Clear Auto Bra, we install XPEL’s Interior Protection films. With a huge selection of interior patterns to choose from, we’re able to apply clear, durable protective films to every surface inyour car’s cabin, including:
  • Center Consoles
  • Touch Screens
  • Digital Displays
  • Dashboards
  • Door Panels
  • Door Panel Accents
  • Small Door Controls
  • Window Switches
  • Door Cup Handles
XPEL Interior Protection preserves your car’s factory finish. We work with XPEL products because they are the best on the market for repelling dust and dirt and preventing fine scratches and swirls on your car’s surfaces. With Interior Protection in place, you won’t have to worry about jewelry or footwear leaving abrasions on your door panels. XPEL protective films have superior clarity and come in several varieties to keep your vehicle’s interior looking great, whether you have high-gloss piano black trim or low-gloss carbon fiber in your cockpit.

XPEL Ultimate Plus for High-Traffic Surfaces

Think about how much abuse your car’s interior takes every day. Between the regular demands of driving and transporting passengers, possibly including pets and children, your door panels, controls, and center consoleall take a beating. That’s why we offer XPEL’s premium protection films: Ultimate Plus, Ultimate Plus 7, and Ultimate Plus 10. These high-gloss films are stain-resistant, self-healing, and come with a comprehensive 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

XPEL Stealth for Matte Finishes

What if high-gloss isn’t your style? Matte finishes are notoriously difficult to maintain, but their good looks keep them in popular demand. If you want to wrap your car’s interior in a low-profile satin or matte film, we recommend XPEL Stealth. Its flat finish gives your carbon fiber accents an appealing, dry-weave look while it protects your interior from damage and scuff marks. Stealth offers your dashboard, console, and other surfaces the same seamless, low-profile protection it brings to matte, frozen, and frosted paint jobs. If you’ve ever wished your car’s flatfinish was easier to clean and maintain, Stealth is the solution you’ve been waiting for

XPEL RX for Touch Screens

Have you ever considered the number of germs that get left behind from all the hands touching your car’s interior surfaces? Numerous studies have shown how dirty our touch-screen devices become with regular use, and that includes your car’s digital touch-screen display. XPEL RX uses silver ion technology
to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungus, mold, and harmful microbes on your screen. It also provides unparalleled protection against scratches, cracks, and impact damage –all while maintaining crystal clarity so your HD display shines through.Protect your screen while you protect your health and the health of your passengers with XPEL RX.

Why DC Clear Auto Bra?

We’re a team of XPEL-certified car enthusiasts, so we know how important it is to keep your car looking pristine, inside and out. We also have the training and experience to apply full-body wraps to your vehicle or to print out and apply films piece-by-piece for a custom fit. Every inch of your car’s surface will benefit from XPEL’s superior protection! Our service is fast and affordable, and our expertise guarantees every film goes on seamlessly and lasts a long time. Between DC’s weather, the sand and salt from the coast, and everyday road debris, vehicles in our area can quickly lose their factory finish. We’reproud to play a part in keeping our clients’ vehicles protectedwith industry-leading paint protection films and interior protection products. Come to us when you want to preserve your car’s finish and keep your cabin looking fresh and new!

DC Clear Auto Bra: DC Metro’s Best Car Interior Protection

If you drive your car on a regular basis, the interior might be more damaged than the exterior. Why not protect both with a high-quality protective film from XPEL? DC Clear Auto Bra will make it happen! Call or come by our Maryland shop today to see why we’re the DC area’s number one choice for damage-resistant wraps, ceramic clear coats, and interior protection for vehicles of all kinds.

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