DC Clear Auto Bra has been using XPEL clear protective films since 2017. We find XPEL to be the most reliable, long-lasting solution when it comes to protecting your car’s finish, and we won’t give our customers any less than the best. When you’re looking to protect your car’s paint, no matter the finish, DC Clear Auto Bra and XPEL have the answer.

Our XPEL Products

XPEL products are made from a high-performance, ultra­-clear coated aliphatic polyurethane film. This self-adhesive skin is designed to protect automotive paint and other surfaces from the harmful effects of stone chips and scratches. This film resists staining, offering superior resistance and excellent shine retention. Its clear coat polymers allow surface scratches to actually “self-heal” over time, eliminating the need for frequent waxing.

We offer several options to best meet our customers’ needs.

XPEL Stealth

This is a tough but low-profile film that matches the flat factory paint finish. It preserves matte paint jobs, mango, frozen and frosted finishes, while making them much easier to wash and maintain.

XPEL Fusion Plus

This is a ceramic coating that is made to be used along with the protective films. It is a high-gloss wax alternative that provides maximum shine that lasts.

XPEL Ultimate Plus

This film is your best choice for a smooth, mirror finish. It is stain-resistant, self-healing, and extremely durable.

It can be disappointing to watch your vehicle’s shine slowly fade, or watch your matte finish start to develop glossy patches. No matter which finish your vehicle has, our XPEL-certified technicians can keep it looking like new. It doesn’t have to be an exotic car; XPEL is a great choice for any vehicle that you take pride in. The films really protect the paint and minimize the need for washing, drying and polishing.

ford with new xpel paint protection film

We Only Use the Best

XPEL is made by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts. They know how important your car’s appearance is, and they have spent more than 20 years developing and refining industry-leading products to keep your car looking its best.

What separates XPEL from the competition? Lots of things. First, the quality of their clear protective films is exceptional. There is no other film with the same level of adhesion. Once the protective film is applied, it will last for years – guaranteed! XPEL offers a 10-year warranty for every installation. Other brands promise the same, but their products have a much shorter life expectancy. Tests have proven that XPEL films last longer because of their superior thickness and durability.

Here at DC Clear Auto Bra, we use XPEL’s exclusive Design Access Program (DAP), which is the world’s largest and most comprehensive pattern repository. It holds more than 80,000 real-time paint, headlamp, and window tint patterns. This ensures that the protective film fits your car precisely. If your vehicle has been modified, we can custom cut each panel of each specific vehicle.

Why You Should Choose DC Clear Auto Bra

We choose to carry XPEL protective film products because we only use brands that we believe in and can stand behind. XPEL continues to outperform the competition, and their 10-year warranty is proof that they believe in their products. Our expert XPEL-certified technicians are happy to answer any questions you have about your paint protection choices, from pricing to timeframe to the installation process itself.

At DC Clear Auto Bra, our customers’ happiness is our top priority. We are always available to help you find the most affordable and long-lasting paint protection films. Give us a call today to learn more about the XPEL products we carry!