DC Clear Auto Bra uses XPEL’s paint protection films because we believe they are the best on the market. Now XPEL is making window films for your home or commercial building with the same quality that made their car films so popular. With superior materials and a wide product range, these films will give you greater security, privacy, and protection from the sun’s UV rays wherever they’re installed. DC Clear is now offering residential and commercial window film installation using these exciting new products anywhere in or near the DC Metro area.

The Benefits of Window Films

XPEL’s window films block out harsh sunlight, leaving you with glare-free lighting at home or at work. They keep your home or workplace hidden from prying eyes. Best of all, the films come with XPEL’s comprehensive warranty that covers seal failure and glass breakage under the specified conditions.

The tinted window films provide privacy and protection from hot UV rays. Your interior furnishings and flooring will be protected from the fading effect of the sun’s rays, and your environment will be cooler and more comfortable. This could result in lower energy bills and a more energy-efficient workplace.

XPEL’s Safety and Security products protect your location from shattered glass fragments in the event of accidental or intentional breakage. They are difficult to break through as well, which might delay a burglar long enough to make them seek out an easier target.

XPEL’s VISION Solutions Product Line

  • SOLAR Series. This film blocks UV rays while keeping your glass shatter-proof.
  • SAFETY Series. A clear layer that filters out 99% of UV rays, this option comes in thick 4mm and 7mm safety film.
  • SECURITY Series. A tough security film that protects against accidental or intentional breakage. Available in 8mm, 12mm, and 15mm thickness.
  • ANTI-GRAFFITI Series. Protects glass that has been targeted by graffiti, scratching, or corrosive substances. Can be applied to the window’s exterior or interior. Available in 4mm and 6mm thickness.
  • EXTERIOR Series. A reflective exterior film that blocks heat and provides maximum privacy.
  • DECORATIVE Series. A designer series available in semi-transparent White Matte and non-transparent Whiteout and Blackout.
  • ARCHITECTURAL Series. These films come in Silver Series, Bronze Series, Crystal Clear, Dual Reflective Series, Neutral Series and Daylight. They provide sun protection with varying degrees of clarity so you can enjoy natural light without harmful UV exposure.

With so many available choices, you can have window films that give you shade from the sun, make your glass windows shatter-proof, or both! Choose your desired level of protection, tint, and transparency. If you’re wondering which film would best suit your needs, we’ll be glad to make a recommendation. Just call us or come by our shop and let us know you’re interested in having XPEL window films installed. Our team is always available to answer questions about any products we sell. 

xpel window filmDC Clear Auto Bra: Your XPEL Window Films Experts

At DC Clear, we have earned a reputation for excellence when it comes to protecting cars, and now we have extended our protective film installation services to include homes and businesses! Our XPEL-certified installers are waiting to help you reduce your cooling bills, protect your belongings, and enjoy more energy efficiency at your home and workplace. We get the job done right the first time.

DC Clear Auto Bra proudly serves the DC Metro area and surrounding cities. If you have questions about all the ways XPEL Vision Solutions window films can benefit your home or business, give us a call today! We offer free estimates and we’re always happy to answer questions.