XPEL’s “Prime” Series Rollout of Window Tints
Xpel installation


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When auto owners want windows protected and a car that’s shielded from the elements, they usually turn to a professional to do the job. The XPEL brand has made a name for itself by being the first major brand to offer tinting, self-healing paint, and UV-protected nanoparticle technology to keep the average (not just luxury) driver safe. Offered by several select installers around the United States, XPEL offers some of the most trusted and admired products in the industry.

Lately, XPEL has rolled out a campaign advertising its window tints that protect UV rays from hitting our skin and keep interiors from excessive sun damage. Options for window tinting now include Prime XR Plus, Prime XR, Prime HP, Prime CS. Sun-damage is the leading cause of discoloration and wear and tear to the interior of your car, so window tinting saves both the driver’s skin and the car’s leather or upholstery. Here is a list of all of XPEL’s latest makes and models to hit the body shop.

Prime XR Plus

The Prime XR Plus window tint comes with a 98% infrared heat rejection. Its nanoparticle, multi-layered tech allows the Prime XR to produce a window tint that not only looks cool, but performs at high capacity. This kind of window tint is a great option for an optimal, top-quality high-performance tint.

Prime XR

Prime XR blocks roughly 88% of infrared rays, still giving the user an extremely well-protected performance level. Its nano-ceramic technology lets it showcase the same tinted appearance as the XR Plus and remains a budgeted option for those looking for excellent performance without breaking the bank.

Prime HP 

The Prime HP is a dyed metal hybrid of window tints. It protects better from the heat than the usual dyed film, and reflects the light beautifully for an enhanced finish. Prime HP is a great value option that still maintains high performance.

Prime CS

The Prime CS protects you from 99% of UV rays and achieves that sleek, tinted look that all its models attain to. Prime CS is labeled by its makers as the “most color stable window tint film around”, and it does its job.

Prime GL

The XPEL Prime GL is a wonderful, entry-level tint that gives off heat rejection and has a great finish in neutral black. 

Other Makes and Models

XPEL has offered other window tint models for an increasingly international market. The X-Series, specifically made for the Chinese market, is another high performing film, combining security with high-infrared rejection film. And the Prime AP, another China-geared market demand, uses metal particles and dyes to achieve a sleek, tinted look. 

XPEL advertises its services and products as cutting edge in innovation, technology, and quality. Automotive tint has officially come into the spotlight and XPEL gives all its films a transferable lifetime warranty. 

If you are looking for a professionally installed window tint, DC Clear Auto Bra is a leader in installation and services. DC Clear technicians are well-versed in XPEL paint and window tint technology and apply protection materials with certified, trained technicians. If you need a quick, showroom-perfect XPEL film applied to your vehicle, make a smart investment in window tints and choose DC Clear Auto Bra to outfit your car with all it needs.

*Image is owned by XPEL