A Buyer\’s Guide to the 2020 Toyota Camry TRD
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Remember when Toyota Camry was the classic “wallflower” car? Safe, reliable, and easy-to-use?
Apparently, Toyota is finally letting its hair down with the 2020 TRD, a “track ready” mid-size sedan
complete with red seat belts and a ‘roady’ feel that gives off an overall vibe of not-your-mom’s-Toyota

Here’s a buyer’s guide to the new 2020 Toyota Camry, featuring the interior, exterior, internal
horsepower of Toyota’s brand new ‘sporty’ take on the old classic.

Toyota TRD’s Uber Road-Centric Focus

First off, Toyota Camry TRD is the first model tinkered with by Toyota Racing Development (TRD), the in-
house performance branch of Toyota in charge of racing engines, its NASCAR program (yes, you heard
that right!), off-roading, and more. The road-centric focus of the Toyota Camry TRD informed its entire
design, as engineers hope to take the vehicle to sporty new heights.

TRD Engine, Cylinder and Braking

The Toyota TRD comes with its standard optional 301-hp 3.5-liter V-6 engine and features a catalytic
converter with a freer-flowing exhaust aft. The Camry’s eight-speed automatic transmission and paddle
shifters on the steering wheel are retained from the classic model, and 12.9-inch front brake rotors with
two-piston calipers are a part of the vehicle’s braking improvements.

Body Shell and Exterior

The TRD is a bold upgrade to the Camry line, hoping to top the athletic look and feel of the sports auto
market. It features a harder body shell with a smooth lightweight aluminum cover and night-black color
of its metal roofing structure, notable only on Toyota’s XSE models. The undercar bracing and
completely revised suspension bolts of the Toyota TRD add up to a structure with stiffer springs.

The Camry also features stylish, matte-black wheels that come with Bridgestone Potenza summer tires
and TRD-specific shocks to complete the ensemble.

Interior Design

The interior of the Toyota Camry TRD is a whooshing asymmetrical dashboard that swoops across the
front panel along with spacious back seating. The handles glow in the dark at night with a gentle blue
formed by white light-emitting diodes. The technology by Obsolete manages the controls so you may
never have to use your hands to control your music. Feel-display infotainment is also readily available.
Don’t forget the bottom 2.0 USB ports for inevitable charging needs.

Driving Feel

Driving the Toyota Camry TRD gives users an easy sense of its vigorous braking systems, speed, and
pleasant operating style. It exhibits speed on different types of roads, where it\’s designed to thrive, of


The 2020 Toyota TRD features a range of three re-engineered powertrains. The 2.5-liter 4-tube with 203
horsepower generates around 41 miles per gallon is one, but the finest Camry engine would be the 301-
horsepower V6. The 2020 Camry pairs the electric battery-operated motor unit with the 2.5-liter 4-tube
fuel engine to have a fuel economy of roughly 53 miles per gallon

2020 Models

The Toyota Camry TRD comes in a variety of fine models – the L, LE, and XSE. The XSE features all the
characteristics in a Camry, but is also the smallest to feature the brand new V6 engine. XSE is in the
pricier range, but its benefits outweigh the costs.


The Toyota Camry’s Producer Recommended Retail Industry Price (MSRP) is $24,765. If customers spend
$505 more, they’ll purchase the higher-outfitted LE version. The Camry SE sells for $26,000, and XLE as
well as XSE trims begin at under $30,000.

If you decide to purchase a sporty, “track-ready” Toyota Camry TRD, make sure to protect your vehicle
with a clear coat from DC Clear Auto Bra. Invisible paint protection acts like a shield, guarding your new
Camry TRD from all the elements. Give us a call today!

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Image credit: Toyota.com