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XPEL Stealth Paint Protection Film

Is your vehicle matte, magno, frozen, or frosted? Preserve that unique paint finish with XPEL Stealth paint protection film! At DC Clear Auto Bra, our XPEL-certified installers will make sure your vehicle gets the perfect fit and finish to really turn heads.

There’s no question that matte paint jobs are one of the coolest vehicle trends in recent years. It seems that everyone from car enthusiasts to celebrities have rolled out their jaw-dropping matte cars lately. Many luxury car brands have taken note of this popularity, and offer matte and metallic matte finishes on their higher-end models, making matte paint something of a status symbol.

The downside of having a matte paint job is that they are notoriously hard to keep pristine. Scratches can’t be polished or waxed away, because that leaves glossy spots behind. Matte factory paint has a very thin layer of clear coat that is vulnerable to blemishes. In fact, BMW advises owners to clean bird droppings from the car within 15 minutes, or the paint job will suffer.

On top of that, owners of matte vehicles cannot just take their car to an automatic car wash whenever they need to clean it up. Matte finishes are delicate and require hand washing. This is a lot of work just to maintain a paint finish. Fortunately, XPEL Stealth is an affordable solution that will preserve your car’s satiny smooth finish for a long time to come. You can even use it to mattify your car’s existing glossy paint.

Why Choose XPEL Stealth Paint Protection Film?

There are many signature features that make XPEL Stealth excel over the competition. XPEL is a comparatively small company that focuses all of their time and energy on providing the best protective films on the market. Their reputation for excellence is well-deserved, and their legions of happy customers are proof that their products really work. Here are some of the features that make XPEL Stealth such a popular choice.

Self-Healing. Scratches and dings are infamously detrimental to matte surfaces, because they can’t be buffed or polished out. The XPEL Stealth film erases scratches when heat is applied, preserving the paint’s finish while it does. This goes a long way in making your vehicle care more convenient.

Sleek, Satin Finish. The XPEL Stealth matches the finish of flat paint from the factory, so it’s virtually invisible once it’s in place. You won’t be able to tell where it starts and stops, because it will be a perfect match from front to back.

Easy to Maintain. Matte paint jobs can be a real headache for owners. They are difficult to maintain and even harder to repair once something has damaged them. A protective paint film takes the pain out of vehicle maintenance and upkeep. You can finally wash your car with ease without worrying about ruining the sheen.

Impact Protection. XPEL’s industry-leading impact resistance will keep your car looking great, and will stand up to dirt, debris, and air pollution without discoloration.

Perfect Fit. XPEL’s Design Access Program has over 80,000 vehicle patterns in its repository. These patterns can be used to print a film that fits your vehicle with perfect precision.

Protects Your Customizations. Does your car have custom factory flares, splitters, or trim pieces? Buy XPEL Stealth by the foot to wrap these additions in a layer of protection. It can also be applied to enhance the contrast between the matte finish and glossy aero or carbon fiber features.

Backed by a 10 Year Warranty. XPEL believes in their products, so they back the XPEL Stealth paint protection film with an impressive 10 year warranty. You can rest assured that your vehicle will look its best for years to come.

Make DC Clear Auto Bra Your First Choice

Our expert XPEL-certified technicians are happy to answer any questions you have about the paint protection film, from pricing to the installation process. Our customers’ satisfaction is our number one concern. We always help you find the most affordable and long-lasting paint protection options. Give us a call today, and we will take the first steps toward preserving your vehicle’s unique finish.

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