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XPEL Prime HP Window Tinting

Recent advances in the science behind window tinting has caused a dramatic shift in both quality and effectiveness in the industry. At DC Clear Auto Bra in Fort Washington, MD, our team is proud to off the XPEL Prime series of automotive window tints including the XPEL Prime HP film. Designed using cutting-edge technology and a hybrid dyed metal formula, XPEL Prime HP is a window tinting solution that has been made from the ground up to not only make your vehicle look amazing, but also provided an added level of comfort through advanced heat rejection. 

Using state-of-the-art techniques, XPEL Prime HP is an ideal solution for applying a powerful, effective window tint to your vehicle that can do more than just enhance the privacy of your vehicle. Thanks to the hybrid dyed metal materials that have been used, this window tinting film can protect occupants from harmful UV rays, reject heat to enhance comfort and functionality of the vehicle, and is backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty that protects you against any possible cracking, peeling, or fading.

  • Hybrid Dye-Metal Construction
  • UV Ray Protection
  • Clear Signal
  • Attractive Look

The Benefits of Heat Rejection

Anyone who has spent time driving their vehicle around during the daytime knows just how hot the inside of a car can be, even compared to the hottest days of summer outdoors. This means that during the warmest days of the year, your vehicle will need to work extra hard to keep everything inside cool and comfortable in most cases, which also leads to increased gas consumption over time.

A more efficient way to deal with this problem is through the application of an XPEL Prime HP window tinting film. Thanks to the hybrid metal construction, Heat from the outside can be rejected, keeping the interior of the vehicle cooler, and more comfortable.

Blocking Damaging UV Rays

Most drivers on the road today don’t realize just how damaging prolonged exposure to the sun can be, even through the glass of their vehicle. The reality is that prolonged exposure to sunlight while driving can cause a variety of problems for a person including potential skin cancer, signs of premature aging, and even direct damage to cells.

The XPEL Prime HP series of automotive window tinting film does more than block out unwanted heat, it can also prevent up to 99% of the harmful UV rays from infiltrating your vehicle. By taking advantage of this powerful solution, drivers can go further, and relax more easily with the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are protected by state-of-the-art automotive window tinting technology backed by a lifetime warranty.

Enjoy Clear Signals for Devices

Although XPEL Prime HP uses a hybrid formula that contains a metallic layer, the team at XPEL has developed this product specifically to avoid any potential interference with devices including radios, cellular signals, and even Bluetooth. This means that our customers can enjoy the full range of benefits offered by this highly effective window tinting solution without worrying about whether or not their favorite devices will suddenly stop working correctly.

The Perfect Combination of Value and Performance

When it comes to window tinting, most people may not realize how many additional benefits the service offers beyond increasing privacy or aesthetics. While it is true that the XPEL Prim HP window tinting solution can protect vehicles from the prying eyes of the outside world, it is also capable of doing so much more.

With protection against the harmful rays of the sun, XPEL Prime HP can provide drivers with the increased comfort and safety they need to enjoy driving without worrying about their skin. As an added benefit, this new window tinting technology can reduce heat inside the vehicle caused by sunlight which can go a surprisingly long way towards increasing fuel efficiency based on your specific situation.

When a vehicle gets hot, the air conditioning unit is forced to work even harder to bring temperatures back to a comfortable level, and with XPEL Prime HP, this workload can be greatly reduced. By taking advantage of effective heat resistant technology, this window tinting solution can provide cooler temperatures and potentially increased fuel efficiency.

To find out more about the XPEL Prime HP series of window tints or to schedule an appoint to work with our team of experienced technicians be sure to contact us right away!

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