Driving in Snow: How to Stay Safe on Frozen Roads
driving on ice dc clear


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It’s December, and America is about to hit the big freeze. Many unnecessary accidents on the highways this year could be avoided by taking just a few precautions. Make no mistake – driving on icy roads presents a hazard that could cost you your life, so pay attention to weather conditions, slow down, and don’t stop even if you see someone else on the side of the road. Your friends at DC Clear Auto Bra want you to have a safe and happy holiday season, so here is a detailed list of how to drive on snow and ice without getting into an accident.

Tip #1: Slow Down

Keep this tip at the top of your mind while driving on an icy road–never surpass 45 miles per hour. If you do, you may swerve and lose control of the car. In many instances, it would be better if you slowed down even more (like when crossing a bridge, etc.). If you slide or fishtail down the road, slow down! You’re moving too fast on the icy road.

One of the main causes of a crash is overconfidence, but once someone loses control, it can’t be recovered quickly. Many put their confidence in the ability to handle their own equipment, whether it be anti lock brakes, winter tires, stability control, or traction control, but once a fishtail or a high-speed slide happens, they may learn only too late that nothing can stop a slide on the ice.

Tip #2: Avoid Driving on Ice-Covered Roads

Another good way you can steer clear of accidents and slides altogether is to stay off the road until the hazard is gone. Wait for the ice to melt. Remember, you want to avoid getting into a wreck at all costs. 

Tip #3: Wear A Seatbelt 

It is the smallest action that could save a life. In winter and throughout the year, fatalities and accidents leading to major wounds and injuries are caused by not wearing your seatbelt. 

Tip #4: Check the Weather Report

Be aware of the conditions on the road. In potentially iced-over or snowy weather conditions, you should check the weather report on your phone, TV or computer before heading outdoors. Sleet may occur while you’re driving, or even during a meeting so that the drive home in the dark could jeopardize your safety.

Tip #5: Easy on the Brakes

Anti lock brakes don’t typically go over well icy roads; they can lock up your wheels and cause a terrible slide to occur. Wheels that slide cannot be controlled, so your steering can’t change the direction of the vehicle if your car is sliding.

Tip #6: If You Do Slide, Turn into It

When you find your car sliding, you’re probably driving too fast. Slow your speed down and turn the wheel to the direction the back of the car is heading. If you steer the wheel too much, you’re overcorrecting and will need to turn back the opposite direction.

Tip #7: Watch Out

When ice road accidents happen, they usually happen in multiple hits. One vehicle sliding out-of-control hits another, and so on. Your accident may not be the thing you want to prevent.

Tip #8: Don’t Stop for Stranded Cars

You may want to be the Good Samaritan here, but stopping for a stranded car can cause even more problems –possibly leading to death. If you park your car on the side of an ice-covered highway, someone seeing it up ahead may brake and lose control of their vehicle, putting everyone in danger. The best and easiest thing anyone can do is to call 911 so the authorities will be able to properly assess the situation and block the highway from oncoming traffic.

Tip #9: Steer Clear of Hills or Dangerous Roads

Be careful! The last thing you want is to approach a high incline without hopes of going back. Be wise, not unwise, in your driving –and choose roads that you can’t slide back on.

DC Clear Auto Bra: Outfitting Your Car for Icy Conditions

When harsh weather affects the road system, DC Clear Auto Bra is available to give your car a quality paint protection coat you’ll never see. DC Clear applies an invisible shield of XPEL car bra paint protection and works to guard your vehicle against severe weather, ice, and sleet. Contact us today and receive “quality protection you’ll never see” anywhere in the DC Metro area.