Protect Your Car’s Hot Summer Bod with a Paint Protection Film
sun damage on car


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It’s summertime! At DC Clear Auto Bra, we know there’s nothing quite like the feeling of driving your car down the highway on a hot, sunny day. If you’re thinking of taking your car down to the coast to show it off, you should think about getting a paint protection film to keeping it looking new.

We use industry-leading XPEL films at our shop. They are the toughest, longest-lasting and best-adhering films available, and they come with a 10-year warranty. XPEL films can be cut to your vehicle’s specific measurements, so even if your car has modifications, we’ve got it covered.

It’s hard enough keeping your car pristine throughout the cooler months, but summer brings some unique challenges. We recommend that you get a film installed to protect your car from these common summertime hazards.


Ultraviolet Rays

Yes, the sun. It feels amazing on your skin, but you wouldn’t want to sit under it for too long without sunscreen. The same goes for your car. Just like ultraviolet rays cause damage to unprotected skin, they also cause damage to your vehicle’s paint over time. To reduce fading and oxidizing, let DC Clear Auto Bra apply a paint-protecting XPEL skin. Just think of it as sunscreen for your car. You’ll not only be doing your paint job a favor, you’ll also be minimizing the need for washing and waxing.


Salt and Sand

Salt is an enemy of paint jobs in both winter and summer. When the roads are icy, salt is laid down to melt the ice. It gets kicked up by passing vehicles and ground into unprotected paint jobs. When it’s hot and sunny outside, people like to take their cars down to the coast where the salty air causes micro-abrasions that leave paint looking worn before its time. Sand is another notorious summertime shine-killer. You can keep your paint finish safe from all of these hazards with a heavy-duty XPEL paint protection film.


Traffic Debris

In the summertime, more people are out and about to enjoy the warm weather. That means more traffic and more chances to get your paint dinged by flying rocks and debris. With an XPEL protective film, you can rest easier knowing that your car’s paint will repel most dirt particles and even heal the slight damage it takes during a trip down the highway. Not sure you want to commit to a full skin? We can wrap the front-end of your vehicle since that’s where the heaviest damage tends to occur.


Flex That Finish

If you have a vehicle with a really unique paint finish, you definitely don’t want it to fade or get scratched. Damage cannot be buffed out of a matte or frozen paint job like it can be with a glossy finish. It’s better to prevent the damage in the first place. The XPEL Stealth film preserves the look of your paint job while it protects it from harm. You won’t have to worry about your paint developing shiny spots due to polishing or over-washing. Keep your car looking like it’s fresh from the factory!


DC Clear Auto Bra: Your Summer Solution

You want your car to looks its best, and we want to help you keep it that way. Even with all the summertime hazards waiting to dull your paint finish, it’s not too late to get some protection for your car. Call or come by DC Clear Auto Bra for a free estimate, and see the difference a quality paint protection film can make for your vehicle all year long.